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Trading House: General Import and Export
Category: Import and Export

Afritool has over 30 years experience in African markets, and an extensive global sourcing network. Our thorough logistics throughout Southern Africa ensures that our goods arrive on time and delivered to even the most remote areas.

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Dependable delivery across Southern Africa
Category: Dependable delivery

Afritool works closely with a network of professional transporters who are the backbone of our operations in the Southern African and enable us to offer our clients reliable and dependable delivery and competitive prices. We are proud to say that Afritool shipments have travelled crossed every border in this part of the world.

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Emergency Relief: Food and Medication
Category: Emergency Relief

Delivery without delay is of utmost importance during emergency conditions.

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Agricultural Development in Africa
Category: Agricultural Development

Afritool´s Agricultural Development work is known throughout Africa. Afritool supplies tools implements, tractors, fertilizers and almost every agricultural product to almost everywhere in Africa and beyond. Our mission, simply, is to supply the agricultural tools needed to create a better future for every farmer - at the best price possible.

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Honda Accredited Distributor
Category: Brand distributor

In Mozambique, Afritool is the exclusive distributor agent for:


This enables Afritool to service the national transport network, national fishing communities and respond to any power needs of the Mozambican business and governmental markets.

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Afritool Healthcare
Category: Healthcare

With the increase in demand for effective and quality medical products in and around Mozambique, Swaziland and Tanzania, the diversification into a healthcare specialized brand has become a necessity.

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